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Our style and approach


Our retouching capacity and different quality standards

High End Retouching

High-End retouching includes a high attention to detail. Whether it be for portrait face photos, interiors, food products. We apply advanced professional techniques to remove, correct, soften and adjust photos, such as frequency separation, toning, dodge & burn, spot removals, makeup adjustments, repainting color. Whether you're looking for a natural or fantasy creative look - we can help you achieve the best results!

Advanced Retouching

Advanced retouching includes thorough attention to detail yet focuses more on polishing a photo for a very specific platform. We apply advanced techniques to adjust, correct, soften and align photos. Such as toning, dodge & burn, spot removals, facial adjustments, image adjustments, cloud replacement and light leaks or similiar if needed. Whether you're looking for a natural candid or clean and polished advertising look - advanced retouching is usually the best suited for clients seeking clean and adjusted photos for long term marketing, use and appreciation.

Basic / Lifestyle Retouching

Basic or sometimes referred by us as "Lifestyle" retouching still includes attention to detail but focuses more on color adjustments and a strong focus on social media channels as t he final destination. We apply various techniques to adjust, correct, soften and align photos. Such as toning, dodge & burn, spot removals when required, facial adjustments, and other core image adjustmen. We may also use sky replacement if needed. This style of retouching is perfect for social media or small format platforms for mobile end users where fine attention to details aren't first priority. We consider this basic style the first step that can always be elevated later in case a specific photo needs more attention to detail or a flawless commercial finishing.

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